Cars and Trucks built before 1930

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1912 Cadillac truck 

We got this old truck from a chicken coop. More before and during pictures on under trucks.


1913 International Auto Wagon Model MWX

This truck was bought from a grocery store in Belleville Ill. by a collector.
He had the seat reupholstered and a radiator made but he didn't dissassemble it at all. So when I got it pretty much the way he got it in 1950.

1920 International truck

I bought this truck on Ebay Hank and Fred helped me get it unloaded from the hauler's trailer.


1928  Mack Model AB dump truck

I am pulling the old Mack truck around the driveway to check for oil pressure and to see if the clutch will free up.  It didnt !! My wife steers the truck and I pull with the tractor. More pictures under trucks.